What Google Wants!

They simply want to direct internet users to the sites that best satisfy their search requests.
This is known as “Good Search”.

As a search engine their business is delivering Search Results, this is the product that has made them so successful.

To maintain their market dominance they need to continue to deliver the best search results.

How do Google measure that?

Well, if they send you to a website and you leave quickly, that means that the search criteria probably has not been met.

Someone leaving a site without visiting more that one page is known as a bounce. Google will measure a sites bounce rate over a period of time and adjust that sites position according to who helps them to deliver the best search results.

So it is really important that a website is set up to respond to the correct search terms. As that will also impact on the bounce rate. As you want the right visitors to your site.

So the question “What Google wants” expands to include “what do visitors want”

Anyone with any marketing experience will know that as “know your customer”

How to get your website to respond to the correct search terms?

Keywords and keywords phrases.

In the past, keywords were stuffed into every conceivable part of a website. Making reading the site rather uncomfortable.

These days Google is looking for a more natural writing style.

However keywords can appear in paragraph headings and in the written content of the site.

Hidden behind the page are page titles and page descriptions which should also contain keywords/keyword phases. Access to these parts of the webpage are available through the administration section of a website that is generated by a Content Management System such as WordPress, Joomla and alike. So it is to your benefit to know how it get under the hood of your website.

Keywords use is in itself a wide ranging subject which we will cover in more depth in future posts. All the aspects mentioned above are a small part of the process known as on-page SEO, (Search Engine Optimisation on the web page).

What else does Google measure?

Google will measure many many things to do with the way the visitors interacts with your website.

User Engagement, User Experience, Peer Endorsement and much more.

How to get Google to notice you?

The best way is to drive your own traffic to your site.

This can be done in a number of ways one of the most effective is by mailshots like this.
You need to create a mailing list with as many interested parties as possible and provide them with useful information that you know that they want to read.

This will draw visitors to your site and if done correctly the User Engagement measurement will start to get Googles attention.