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Pre-Installed WordPress
It’s just waiting for you….

It’s a busy world and you have to get on with business, waiting months for a website is not an option.

Of course, there is a big difference between a WordPress site quickly thrown together to solve a “web presence” absence and a well crafted WordPress site that is a valuable income stream.

But with our WordPress Ready to Go Hosting you are very close to having your own website and if you follow our 8 step to website success you are going to cut down your margin of error – greatly.

So arm yourself with a domain name and some of our hosting and you can be up and running very soon.

So let’s get on with it!

For those who are new to WordPress this page aims to help you hit the ground running.

WordPress Features and Benefits



Once you have got your head around the basics of WordPress you can create any type of site that you might need. From a simple brochure site to a complex e-commerce portal. The sky and your imagination are the limit.

And everything that you need to do that is already out here.

Just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks away.

WordPress Themes

Creating the look and feel

large range of WordPress themes
WordPress comes with thousands (4000 + ) of free themes, available to you so you can change the look and feel of your site very quickly.

Of course there are some high end ones that you pay for.

Finding WordPress Themes – it’s easy!

There is a search facility in the themes section that will allow you to view and select the theme of choice. Try narrowing down the search by typing the name of your sector i.e. photography, pet store etc.


So spend a bit of time and find yourself the theme that fits best for your need. If you can not found something there is always Template Monster.

For around $80 you can buy yourself something truly outstanding.

Installing WordPress Themes

Installing WordPress themes could not be any simpler as you are provided with handy install button or you can take a closer look with the preview function.

installing or previewing wordpress theme could not be simpler

WordPress Plugins

Install Plugins to add functionality:

  • Need Social Media share buttons? – use a plugin.
  • Need a Cookie Policy? – use a plugin.
  • Need a Site Map? – use a plugin.

the list could go on and on….
Array of plugins to choose from.

Finding WordPress Plugins

These can be found from within the plugin search facility that comes with your WordPress site.

adding new plugins

Search and Install

Again they have made live as simple as possible by giving you a nicely placed install option.

plugins search and install

WordPress Widgets

widget section of wordpress
Widgets are common website components that you are likely to use on your site.
Pre-installed and readily available for you to use.
Choose your widget and decide where to place it.

Sidebar, footer or header and then drag and drop it. It’s simple!

drag and drop widget
Simply drag and drop widgets to the place that you want them!

Once you realise the power that WordPress puts at your fingertips you will understand why it is so popular.

And self hosting, which we are offering, gives you the advantage of extra in-depth control, as you will quickly hit a ceiling with the free hosting that is available – then you will have a problem!

Rather let buying a car from a showroom with the bonnet firmly closed and racing it against the souped-up version of the same car.

There’s only one winner.

Creating WordPress Pages and Posts

WordPress has its own editor for you to create your content.
wordpress page editorPages for your main website content.Posts for your blog.You can quickly add text and images, format and position everything to get it looking just right before you hit the publish button or save as a draft to be completed later.You could even schedule posts to go out when you are on holiday.Posting and Pina Coladas.page tool barTop row options. Left to Right

Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Bulleted List, Numbered List, Blockquote, Horizontal Line, Align Left, Align Center, Align Right, Insert Link, Remove Link, Insert Read More Tag, Proofread Writing, Toolbar Toggle.

Bottom row options. Left to Right

Text Format, Underline, Justify, Text Colour, Paste as Text, Clear Formatting, Special Characters, Decrease Indent, Increase Indent, Undo, Redo, Keyboard Shortcuts.


Anyone can use WordPress, you just need to learn your way around the admin section, that’s the area that you control and create everything from, and you can have a decent web presence up and running in no time.

None of that coding nonsense

The admin section is designed to be as visual as possible. So you are not required to learn or use any strange coding. As stated earlier there will be a plugin available to perform any task required.

It’s all to hand with WordPress

The themes and plugins that we just mentioned can be accessed and installed directly into WordPress from within WordPress itself. So none of that downloading and uploading from your computer nonsense.

Removing Unwanted WordPress Themes and Plugins

Okay so you have tested several themes and you have settled on one that suit your purpose exactly.

Don’t forget about the unused themes.

Leaving them attached to your WordPress installation is a very bad idea. Unless you have plenty of time keeping them updated!

Delete them as old forgotten themes are a open invitation for hackers to enter your WordPress site via the back door. Not a good thing!

The same goes for plugins, don’t have unused one hanging around.

WordPress SEO Tutorials

Website Success

Simply building a Website site and hoping that people will visit it is an option. However I am pretty sure that you want visitors and you want the site to be successful. Because that is the whole point. I want you to be successful because my success is tied up in your success. After all I want you to renew your hosting with Cherry Host.

Hence Website Success.

All the post are written with WordPress in mind but all the theories apply to all website. I just shown how to implement the techniques to WordPress.

WordPress tutorials

I plan to be adding general WordPress tutorials to this page. So sign up to the mailing list and you will be kept informed.

WordPress Activation

WordPress comes installed on your hosting account.However because the WordPress site needs to be configured to your personal preferences and for security reasons ( you would want an unknown person doing this for you) installation of WordPress is activated the first time you enter your Hosting Control Panel.

At that point you should open a browser window, then go to your website address, to find your WordPress site waiting for you.

It is VITAL that you complete the configuration NOW.
complete wordpress install

enter username and password

word press install success

WordPress Day 1 Lesson 1 (Search Engine Version)